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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
I'm messing around with my own version of the Dedicated UAE box that some (unfriendly) bloke on made. Same hardware (a Thin client HP box). I've already "improved" the spec by upgrading CPU but the aim is to slim XP down to bare essentials and boot direct into XP.

There are of course a few good guides on doing the above. But what I wanted to know was what are the requirements for WinUAE. There doesnt seem to be a definitive statement on

I did find some help here -

It says Win2000 and DirectX. I am wondering if WinUAE relies on any particular services from Windows - for example, to use Windows network and telnet, you'd need TCPIPv4 running... But I can dump TCPIPv6.

There are pre-slimmed XP versions like XPerience's XPLite but that is warez and I'd rather not make my own legit slimmed XP or 2000.

So, anyone know what WinUAE NEEDS?

Cpu support windows 8.1?
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