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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
What I wonder is how it is possible to delete from Aminet something that has been stored there for the people. Once you store it there you shoudn't be able to delete it. It's just like if I delete my posts here, a moderator would restore them without asking me if they are of some interest. Most of the users are always right.

In spanish we've got a saying "Santa Rita Rita Rita, lo que se da no se quita". (Saint Rita Rita Rita, which is given is not removed).
Thats a completely different thing all together. You agree to the forums owning your posts etc etc. Aminet do not own other peoples work.

Can we just move on, this is just crazy. I bet half of the people moaning have never even heard / never used PPaint. Now its not on aminet, their up in arms, seems absolutely crazy.

Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
I have an old version (6.something) that I have on some floppy disks. Am I still allowed to use that, or do I need to buy the new version?

Im guessing this comment is obviously a joke?
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