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It doesn't move or delete anything!
If it hits a virus or trojan, it immediately moves it to quarantine
Those two statements are contradictory and can't both be correct.

It sounds like you would rather your software totally ignore that it has detected a virus and run it anyway
Of course not, I never said that.

This alone proves you have some sort of agenda and a total lack of knowledge on the subject, I would take it elsewhere as I don't believe people will listen to you, you even confirmed that you don't run Avast, so why comment on stuff you know nothing about?
No need for ad hominem attacks. I have been running various virus checkers over decades, it's not something I know nothing about. I don't have any kind of agenda, I merely made some general points about how most virus checkers behave. I don't know why you would take it as some kind of personal insult and make these kind of personal attacks, surely you can address the points raised without ranting and insulting like a child.

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