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Originally Posted by Coagulus View Post
Heehee, just in case, the 65536 tile is in there!
Yup, it is certainly theoretically possible to get it and this video claims to have done it (it doesn't show how he got to tile 32768):

[ Show youtube player ]

Back in October, one day after reaching tile 4096 for the first time, I decided to create a video of your game showing how to get to tile 2048... and managed to get to tile 4096 again!!!
During the editing process I cut out my thinking time and added music (part 1 has Coagulus' music, parts 2 and 3 have music by Kevin MacLeod - from, as well as subtitles and my logo. Due to my 10 minute limit per video on YT, I had to split it into 3 parts:

Part 1 - [ Show youtube player ]

Part 2 - [ Show youtube player ]

Part 3 - [ Show youtube player ]

... and for those that want to see all 40 minutes in full (no editing and no music) I have uploaded the raw .avi file to my website:

(I thought someone had previously created a video of your game, but I can't find it - was I dreaming?)
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