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Man! Your either ignorant, arrogant, both, or just been deliberately difficult for some quest to prove a non-existent point!
First, you don't have to run anything. Just read the, you know, read me on the website.
Your lack of knowledge on this alone speaks volumes about your agenda. No-one is asking you to run it, you are free to run what you want or nothing at all. So is other people.
When it hits a suspicious file it tells you it is suspicious and runs heuristics on it before displaying the results and CONTINUING to run the file. It doesn't move or delete anything!
If it hits a virus or trojan, it immediately moves it to quarantine and a big pop up displays on your screen telling you that fact. It tells you what it is, what file it's on, how high a threat it is, and a web link to get more info on it.
Now, again why is it so hard to understand that it doesn't delete anything or move stuff without you knowing?
It sounds like you would rather your software totally ignore that it has detected a virus and run it anyway, in which case, just don't run a anti-virus program.
Your last sentence just proves a previous point, you just can't comprehend the fact that nothing is deleted. This alone proves you have some sort of agenda and a total lack of knowledge on the subject, I would take it elsewhere as I don't believe people will listen to you, you even confirmed that you don't run Avast, so why comment on stuff you know nothing about?
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