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Originally Posted by Reido View Post
Good stuff, thanks for the update!
Been playing around with it some more. We did find some bugs, which is a shame as people have been beta testing it for a month or so and not reported anything. So we need to get them fixed.

We will be releasing it first for A1200. We will try and get bugs fixed as soon as possible so it can be released hopefully before Christmas.

Have to fair, I haven't had a good play around with it until today.
I tested on an A1200 (no expansions), it ran lovely. No slow down when playing music and doing other stuff. Also tested with an 030, again perfect.
Its also been tested on an 060 without issues.

We are thinking of offering a cable with paula input and prisma output aswell as a jack board that has all inputs and outputs, obviously the jack board will be abit more expensive than the cable with paula and prisma output.
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