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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Perhaps but I don't do guesses and choose easiest possible solution (especially because no one cares except that single monitor command). No hardware = no better fix.
Okay, well I don't have an A2630, but check the A2630 schematic...

All 32 address lines are pulled down to GND via resistor packs RP100, RP101, RP102, RP103 (see page 2).

Address lines A0 to A26 are connected to the expansion connector (page 4). As far as I could see, A27-A31 are unconnected except for being pulled to GND.

Thus with an expansion board, the address space is limited to 128MB, which explains the 112MB DKB 2632 limit. And an A2630 without expansion board has 24-bit address space.

[Presumably the expansion board would be responsible for having the region past the end of its RAM map to address 0??? Though of course that would only benefit the ROM monitor program. I have yet to disassemble the DKB 2632 memory-adding program to see how it determines the memory size.]
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