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Some more instructions i found


The DISKMASTER II disk Utility software has been included in the REALITY
package to make life much easier for you! It is a file and disk handling
system where you can copy, Delete, Rename, Move etc both files and Disks!

It is a very easy piece of software to get to grips with and can be
completely controlled from your AMIGA mouse!

Hold down the right mouse button to access the menus at the TOP of the
display. These feature a lot of advanced functions which you may find useful
at some stage.

A good piece of software to get your hands on if at all possible is
Directory Opus which is a similar but more powerful and easier to use system
although it is a commercial package. We recommend this although in the
meantime Diskmaster II should suit your every need!

The best way to learn is to experiment with all of the different features!


Another useful program that we have included is TEXTED. This is really
only useful for editing TEXT files and you should have a similar program to
this in your Workbench. It is very similar to using a wordprosesor. The
different options can be accessed by holding down the right mouse button
and moving to the top of the screen. TEXT files ".DOC" (Short for DOCUMENT)
are used in some REALITY software programs like this DISK MAGAZINE. In fact
this TEXT file you are reading right now was created using it!

Again the best way to learn is to experiment!

When you QUIT from any of either the PAINT PACKAGE, TEXT EDITOR,
DISK MASTER II or the RAINBOW EDITOR you will be presented with a workbench
screen. In order to get back to the REALITY main menu screen you will have
to type its name like so type:


This is an unavoidable small problem that you will have to bare with. You
can also reset the machine and reboot the disk if you wish!


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