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Instructions for Rainbow editor

- Information text!



Copper colourz is a colour editor, which the most obvious use for it, is
creating colours for the copper. Like in all those demos and games. CC
enables you to create such lists with minimum hastle!

Copper colourz was programed in AMOS, and it is FREEWARE!

You opperate CC by certain key presses, all of which are veiwable by
pressing the key `H` while in the editor of CC. Press it again and the Help
screen will disapear. Here is a list of CC's functions and key presses...

You can alter the colour to be placed by using the key pad, here is what
each key does..

7 8 9 - Affect Red

4 5 6 - Affect Green

1 2 3 - Affect Blue

^ ^ ^
| | |
| | Sets to 0
| |
| Decreses the colour by 1
Increases the colour by 1

O.K. let use a example to explain the above... Lets say your present
colour in $f00 (RED) and you want to get to $00F (Blue), heres how you would
do it... First press 9, to set the Red part of the colour to 0 thus giving
you black, then hold down 1 untill you reach $00F. Easy!!

There are several functions to enable you to create stunning effects..
they are the following...

` ` - (Space) Fade, allows you to fade between 2 colours.
`M` - Mask, allows you to mask off the present colour.
`T` - Tine, allows you to tine the present colour.
`B` - Bar, creates a nice fade to black. In the shape of a bar.
`F` - Fill, fills a portion of the screen.
`-` - Darken, darkens the present colour.
`+` - Lighten, lightens the present colour.
`*` - Random, Creates a random colour.
`C` - Copy, Copys a part of the list into memory.
`P` - Paste, Pastes the Copyied colours to the list.
`G` - Get, gets a colour from the list.
`Z` - Zoom, Enlarges a part of the list.
`/` - Cycles through the preset colours.

There are also other commands and they are...

`L` - Loads a Copper Colours File (.CCF)
`S` - Saves the copper list in various formats.
`R` - Loads in a Rainbow Warrior SCREEN FILE.
`(` - Move list up.
`)` - Move list down.
`[` - Saves whole list into memory.
`]` - Restors list from memory.
`{` - Save present colour to memory.
`}` - Gets the colour from memory.
`X` - Quits CC (???).
`!` - Sets the Screen colours.
`H` - Displays help screen.

The left mouse button places the present colour down on to the list, and the
right mouse button places a black line on the list. The present colour id
displayed in colour form behind the title bar, and in numbers ($XXX) in the
status screen. The status screen also displays infomation about other stuff,
including colour on list at mouse pos, which is very help full!


(C) Bitmap 1992. A Yazoo Production.


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