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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
The answer to that is easy, start using a decent AV

(however, I used it for years and never got infected, so I suppose it's good...)

Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Just add it to Avasts exclusion list, it will allow it then.
There was a problem last year with Steam, Avast decided it was a virus and deleted the executable whenever Steam updated, the fix was to add it to the exclusion list until Avast fixed it.
I never used the exclusion list... good to know!

By the way, some days ago I applied a major upgrade to Windows 8.1 and it screwed up my pc. After searching on the Web I found that the culprit is Avast. However I would like to ask Microsoft: with all the tests you did before releasing the November big update (700+ MB), didn't anyone find the Avast-Win8.1 incompatibility?? Or at least make an alert: if Avast is found on the system, open a window and alert the user. Damn...

A friend of mine keeps telling me that Avast (or any other antivirus program) is not necessary anymore with Windows 8.1, since it has the built-in Windows Defender.
Is this completely true? Is Windows Defender as good as other antivirus suites?

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