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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The eMail address mentioned on the site would be the first thing (shop@...), then you have my personal eMail address from the PayPal transaction, and you might have gotten an eMail from me from jens@icomp - plenty of addresses.

Missing item is very unlikely. There were two people who haven't been successful tracking their shipments, and I found out that my scanner has swallowed a digit of the tracking number. I might need to set that to a slower typing speed.

Please send me an eMail, so we can check what's going on. So far, not a single item has been lost in the mail in all these years, and if that should ever happen, there's two insurances on the parcel: One from the registered mail insurance, and another that covers whatever the postal insurance doesn't cover.

Make that three now. Tracking failed, after leaving Germany on the 23rd Oct package vanished. Had to raise a claim with PayPay, which has just been settled, unfortunatly PayPal had to step in to resolve. Will keep my Amiga habit supplied by AmigaKit from now on.
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