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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Nothing wrong with Avast, one of the best there is. Better to have false positives and suspicious files than a virus getting through and wreaking havoc. Been using Avast for about 7 years and not had a virus once.
I've had to reformat so many PeeCees with Avast on it that it's not even funny. They were so radically filled with virii that the only way out (and quickest one) was a re-format.

The thing is, a savvy user won't ever get a virus, even if it doesn't have anything at all on their system! I personally don't use an antivirus for months to an end and even when I install one for testing and do a full-scan nothing ever pops out.

The only way to really measure how effective an antivirus really is is to put it on your parents and family computers. If they start coming back after a few months, you know that the antivirus isn't a good one

Avira has been good enough for the moment...
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