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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Normally means you have a power issue, i.e not enough. Your PSU might be failing or not up to the job to provide stable power to the USB.

More info would help though, i.e take a shot of the devices menu and tell us how you are hooking up your devices, i.e internally or externally.

More info about your system would help too.
Thanks, the system is an A4000/040, other expansions - Picasso IV, Bigram + and the X-Surf 100, I also have a hard disk and a CD-ROM drive in the system, maybe this is too much for the A4000's stock PSU? I am planning on changing it to a standard ATX one at some point. Everything else is working flawlessly though, no random crashes or anything. The motherboard, zorro daughterboard and psu were all recapped recently.

I don't have the floppy power connected to the Rapidroad as the lead wouldn't reach, but have ordered a molex to floppy adapter off ebay just now, so maybe that will help.
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