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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
These licenses were BTTR specific, they software hadn't become Freeware just because it was available from BTTR. Nobody else is entitled to host the 'legal' stuff from BTTR on his own server.
Yup, I got that. As I said, I can't imagine anything dumber than such a moronic rule, "Free to download from WhoeverItIs but still not freeware"... Hahaha, are people really /expected/ to take such laws seriously? What about "You're allowed to download this stuff on the EXCLUSIVE condition that you wear a mustache and bright yellow leotard with red dots and tutu"?
That it is the law doesn't mean shit to me when it's also completely idiotic. My point being: owner agrees his stuff to be freeware or they don't. Trying yo have it half-way like this doesn't make the least bit of fuckin' sense.

I wasn't talking about making anything legal - if whatever you do is not legal anyway, don't bother trying to make a copy of BTTR - just add whatever software is missing to TOSEC or some other archive, make the information from the game database available in ASCII/PDF/whatever form and host the WinUAE configuration files somewhere.
Alright then, put that way I have to agree with you that it would be the best way. But honestly I don't care much about what way it would be made available again, as long that it actually would.

There's no "they" anymore, and the remaining administrator probably doesn't have as much spare time and motivation as he had 15 years ago. BTTR went dormant for longer periods several times in the past. This time, the domain seems to be gone, the admin probably just doesn't care enough anymore to fix that.
Cf. my post above. He's oviously 100% entitled to have lost all motivation towards his site. That still doesn't make it morally right to just give it all up without finding a way to preserve distribution. Even less so considering that stupid law which makes him the only legal distributor of what content BTTR contained -- if anything, that makes Hippie2000 RESPONSIBLE to pass it over to someone who will actually still give a fuck about sharing it with the community! And pardon my french (I am french, after all! I'm expected to be swearing, aren't I? )
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