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Originally Posted by SunChild View Post
Not sure what you meant there. BTTR only contained legal stuff. Hosting an unofficial mirror of legal stuff would be illegal?
BTTR was 'legal' because it had licenses from copyright owners to offer the software for download. These licenses were BTTR specific, they software hadn't become Freeware just because it was available from BTTR. Nobody else is entitled to host the 'legal' stuff from BTTR on his own server.

And then how would it make it any more legal to share parts of those contents anywhere else anyway?
I wasn't talking about making anything legal - if whatever you do is not legal anyway, don't bother trying to make a copy of BTTR - just add whatever software is missing to TOSEC or some other archive, make the information from the game database available in ASCII/PDF/whatever form and host the WinUAE configuration files somewhere.

I think BTTR knew exactly what they were doing.... Otherwise there would be constant contact.. Or at the very least their blog would have been kept up-to-date.
There's no "they" anymore, and the remaining administrator probably doesn't have as much spare time and motivation as he had 15 years ago. BTTR went dormant for longer periods several times in the past.

This time, the domain seems to be gone, the admin probably just doesn't care enough anymore to fix that.
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