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What you're getting at with it?
Like, BTTR staff are gonna come back with a paying version of their website?
Which's a totally ridiculous idea obviously, yet apart from that I really don't see what they would benefit in your scenario...?

@ptyerman: Yeah, I realised after posting that allowance to distribute was granted to BTTR only (another ridiculous system by the way -- who cares WHERE people get this stuff from really, it's either freeware or it's not).
Which doesn't answer my second question regarding Korodny's comment that "it would make more sense to transfer the unique parts of BTTR to existing offerings" though (would be just as illegal, so how does that make more sense anyway?)

All in all, I find Hippie2000 and the BTTR people a bit puzzling: dedicating so much energy and time for so many years, just to disappear this suddenly without neither warning nor comments, explanations, and above all not any proper and serious attempt at fixing the issue and trying to come back online (loosing their host certainly doesn't qualify as good enough an excuse for that!!).
Might indicate they realised with this issue that they just haven't got the will to keep it alive anymore (which is despicable in my opinion -- when you operate an important resource website to many people and for so long, you have like a moral obligation and responsability towards your users! If you tire of managing it or just don't have the time/energy for it, you either pass the torch to a new site manager or you give all the data to someone willing to continue sharing it!!!)

All that said, I'm gonna PM Thalion soon, seeing as apparently he didn't plan on checking this thread anymore to reply...
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