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Not sure what you meant there. BTTR only contained legal stuff. Hosting an unofficial mirror of legal stuff would be illegal? And then how would it make it any more legal to share parts of those contents anywhere else anyway?

In any case, I don't see no difference between both solutions. As far as I'm concerned, get the exclusive contents from BTTR back online and available to everyone is all that matters.

C'mon Thalion, you can't expect to come bragging here about having a full mirror of an extensive Amiga resource that just went dead... I can't believe the point was just to make everyone else pissed and envious?
Would it be that tough to find a way to share that? (Be it only so you too have someone else to turn to whenever your HDD containing this backup mirror DIES OUT on you -- which _WILL_ happen at some point as you're well aware, right?)
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