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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Nope - Sega gamepads do not comply with the standard that Commodore and Atari have established back in the days. You should never connect an unmodded Sega gamepad to other computers but a Sega gaming system.

It's the same as with serial ports on a PC: They have the same physical connector, but it's a different protocol and different voltages. There's the danger of breaking the device, the computer's port, or even both.

This is a good time to pose the following question then.

While we know that the Megadrive/Genesis gamepads don't stricly adhere to the Commodore/Atari specs, and that there's a stray pin which works only by pure chance (SELECT I think?), is there really a danger for the Amigas? I mean, a real chance of damage, not something which could happen only in 1% of cases

I've seen loads of people use them for ages on their Amigas with no issues at all and I use one myself on all my Amigas without any issues at all... While I know that there's real danger when using them with a C64 because of something different in the pinout (can't remember now).

Thanks for your time, Jens!
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