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Originally Posted by amiga_Forever View Post
i hate to say this, but somehow you just know when a source code is available for an top notch original AMiga game like Turrican 3, a change, is like rewriting a movie. Suddenly all the cast has changed, the music, and even the script to some extent o the point it is now longer the game you liked,...

It's completely different.

I would have felt better if some one else took over the license than make it available to download so anyone can modify it how they see fit.. It basically is saying, "We don't care anymore about a great Amiga game, so if you screw it up, don't blame us"

I can just feel it coming. Mainly because the code was never available previously is the point.
WAT? The code has been available for quite a few years already... And what's better, letting it collect dust on some old floppy disks or make it available to the public so interested people can have a look and maybe learn a thing or two?

In any case your post doesn't make sense to me. At all.
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