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Author came online on his Blog after long time, and approved many comments. In case he reads this forums, I want to suggest few things:

1. Open some thread for firmware suggestions

I have some:
a) When you look at list of files in the adf launcher, if filenames are long, highlighted name should start to scroll (on initial screen, and slots screen)
b) possibility to rearrange files by name on initial screen
c) Possibility to create/format empty ADF disk from Workbench, in order to use as savegame disk
d) Possibility to use drives df0-df3 (or more) without manual switching of disks using buttons (if something like that is even possible?)
e) Possibility to delete adf file on USB directly from menu on Amiga
f) Possibility to select from which slot to start prior to restart ( Save, restart and start on X )
g) Option to clean (eject) all slots at once (useful if you mapped 50 adfs)

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