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Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
I tried it with 040 and no Cycle exact. Same happens for me everytime if i only have 2 MB chip RAM and no fast RAM. So try add some fast RAM! Fast RAM also speeds up the game a bit.
My default WinUAE config has 8MB chip RAM and 0 fast RAM. I will try changing it so I have 4MB of each and see what happens.

Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
I found out that the game interrupts and quits to Workbench when the screen goes black. But you don't see it because of the system-configuration file in devs folder. Anyway, there is a message saying "out of memory".
Hmpf, ok. I might see if I can rework the ADF so that it displays a simple reminder before loading your little intro bit. I always include important info (memory requirements etc.) in simple workbench/dos windows that can be read before trying to run the game - maybe you did include such info on the disk, but I haven't checked out the other stuff on there yet.
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