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Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
You don't have to tell me it sucks, because i know that already
Don't worry, for the majority of us our first games do suck (even though we are proud of them at the time, until a few weeks later when we realise how crap they really are!)

Learn from your mistakes (coding, software used etc.) and you're next game will be better

Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
My next game will probably be better and not made with Backbone.
Backbone was made with AMOS Basic, so yes it will be slow. I use AMOS occasionally and currently don't have Backbone - any chance of sticking it in The Zone for me?


I see from your website that it is on Aminet. Will download it from there

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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Hope your next game is BananaMan, with full cartoon intro, .
Oh, what about dogtaninan, .
Avoiding obvious 1980's cartoons (He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats...) his next game has to be:

Dungeons and Dragons, or...
Ulysses 31
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