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Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post

My first Amiga game is now finished. This is the result of three weeks of hard work

You don't have to tell me it sucks, because i know that already

First i planned to do a much better game than this, but discovered pretty quickly that Backbone could not do what i wanted to do. So lost interest and put this little game together instead. The biggest problem is that it runs so damn slow. So if you are going to try it on the real thing. Then be sure you have a fast Amiga and some MB of RAM. Do not use Cycle-exact if you run it in ***UAE.

My next game will probably be better and not made with Backbone.

I've set up a simple page where you can download it and read more...
Now that brings back childhood memories. Rushing home to watch superted, . Will check it out once I get home.

Its cool how some welsh programmes are quite famous around the world.
I though it was only Voltron, but here we have SuperTed and who can forget Fireman Sam, lol.

Hope your next game is BananaMan, with full cartoon intro, .
Oh, what about dogtaninan, .

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