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Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
its on both but never loaded from disk 2 - at least not at any point when i tested it and i did complete every level
Its the Disk 4 file that never gets loaded, because it will find the "32REX3.FED" file in the listing first that refers to disk 2.

The "32REX3.FED" filename for disk 4 comes after that in the root table.

As far as I recall, its only loaded up during occasional uses of the Terminals to open certain gates.

Thinking about it, i'm now wondering how it can load JP2D.EXE off disk 4 as well, because thats a duplicate file from one of the other disks, and if it reads through the root table logically, i.e. scan from the start, then that file should never be loaded from disk 4 either because it will come across the one on Disk 2 first.

I did the game differently, I cracked it entirely to AmigaDOS real files, to make it easier to get a version of either the ECS or AGA Jurassic Parks onto CD32 as I think with disk images its not doable otherwise.

Maybe that accounts for the difference?

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