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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
it seems like you are the one who is offended that no-one is convinced by your theory.

there may be a grain of truth in it somewhere but it seems to me like you've come to far too strong a conclusion based on circumstantial and anecdotal evidence.

it's true that i never knew any actual crackers, but there was never any single person who supplied everyone with cracks and certainly nobody ever charged any money for it, cracked games just spread through the social web like a disease.
Daring to raise my head above the parapet for a moment - please don't shoot at it... I wholly accept that no-one here shares my personal experiences. I said in my original post that, having raised the same points previously elsewhere, they've always gone down like a lead balloon full of cold sick. Nevertheless, I'm sure you'll appreciate my using anecdotes and arguments in an effort to illustrate my contribution to the discussion, rather than just flinging half-cocked hooey around the place, devoid of any conviction.

That said, having now re-read my posts, I can see what a clumsy, ham-fisted job I made of trying to state my case. I won't go through it all again (!) but please - set to the scraping sound of me trying to claw back some credibility - allow me to clarify that I merely intended to provide a different angle/insight in answering the original question. It's a topic that fascinates me and, as a veteran Amiga scener since 1988 having been a member of Crystal/Mag Fields/Silents/others, I hoped my memories would be of interest.

Instead, my posts read like they're written by a demented troll, playing a particularly antagonistic game of Devil's Advocate (100% +++).

Sorry about that.

I'll skulk back to my rocking chair now and wait for full-blown dementia to take me ... (rocks) ... "Is that you, Splatt?" ... (rocks) ... "yes, I've got Super Hedgehog Brothers here - it's on forty disks and AGA only" ... (rocks) ... "you'll give me HOW much!?" ... (rocks) ... "ay up, it's Bob from Automation - call me back!" ... (rocks) ... "first there was Exact..."
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