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The cheat mode you refer to doesnt do anything.

Nice work. I did the ecs version as well but got fucking fed up playing it over and over again to playtest it.

I've written a doc about how i cracked the ecs version and found thay Jurassic Parks legend wasnt quite so strong.

I was able to crack the options.exe file without touching ANY part of the copylock or without removing ANY checksum

EDIT: Alas dude, you need to crack the Copylock you missed

In the 2D section of the game, if we assume your machine you crack on is a 512k chip/512kslow, if you look at memory address $c22f06, this is a pointer to filename "32rex3.fed", inside that is an encrypted Copylock.

The way I cracked this particular one was to depack it, and then decrypt with the word $DEAF, crack the Copylock, and then re-encrypt again, repack and then put back, that way I didn't need to touch any of the actual game code that does several checksums on that area to see if you've stopped the Copylock from being loaded and run.

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