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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
It would certainly be useful. I have puzzled over some of the start-up programs myself so just left them disabled. A basic description/explanation of what each does would be enough.
COMMODITIES (aproximate memory consumption and featureset)

dontshowiborder 42bytes - Hides icon borders
cleverwin 0.6KB - Speeds up some workbench windows by setting them in smart refresh mode
iconappearer 1KB - Updates icons when they are created, deleted, renamed. You dont need to update windows contents to see them
toolalias 3KB - Creates aliases for tools so they can be called by a user configurable name
altab 15KB - quickly switches between screens with the alt+tab key combination
wbgauge 15KB - enables the window fuel gauge, in its left border
dosprefs 18KB - Allows you to tweak various AmigaDOS settings (drive clicking, asterisk usage on cli, etc)
ned 19KB - Closes the active window if the user presses the ESC key
crontask 30KB - Enable a sort of cron daemon, which can be configured from prefs to run certain tasks at specified date/time
window2front 43KB - A sort of clicktofront windows commodity with much more options.
assignwedge 53KB - When a volume is not mounted and required by a program, it lets you quickly assign one
Ystart 55KB - Generates a Windows like StartMenu
freewheel 61KB - Enables proper usage of the wheel present in many mices
addtools 63KB - Adds items to the Workbench Tools menu
grabiff 65KB - Takes an image snapshot of your desktop, window, etc
benchtrash 66KB - enables a system trashcan
powersnap 78KB - Allows some copy and paste operations on workbench
multihelp 85KB - when the HELP key is pressed, a requester with the amigaguides and texts is shown, so that you can view them
magicmenu 93KB - Allows floating workbench menus. You dont need to click on the workbench titlebar to use them.
modepro 147KB - Enables the Modepro prefs program which can force programs to run in certain screenmodes
swazinfo 274KB - An enhanced Workbench-Info tool. Compatible with GlowIcons
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