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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Well, you only need to click on the ticket and a new page with input field at the bottom will open. So it's not that difficult.

If you still have problems, I can repost your message there.

Have you tried running MUI without startup ?
It should work on default AGA/ECS screen in 4c mode,
It will look a bit ugly, but should work (works here).
This will allow to see if any patches are conflicting with your setup.
With my account, I can not see input field using any browser

Anyway. I received my CyberStormPPc back from stachu and started using it again after 10 years together with my CVisionPPC.

After installing MUI 3.9 beta3, I realized that the same thing was happening again.

After installing VisualPrefs, it no longer happens. VisualPrefs fixes this problem partially. I can open "Windows" tab but "textinput" tab still does not work. So if you can post there, please do so, so they can find the root of this problem.

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