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Originally Posted by narutard View Post
Trying to boot to Workbench, while still loading workbench, it just freezes.
Tried with own configs and quickstart --> A4000 + Kick 3.1 + OS3.x

Hope this helps in a way better, sry I'm kinda new here.
Can't duplicate (and seems to be exact same as in ppc thread, nothing to do with PPC). Which is practically guaranteed when having HD setups because no one has identical ones (different startup-sequence, different versions of libraries, mmu libraries, setpatch and so on..)

So the usual debugging steps needed:
- Does it happen with 2.8.1? If not, find which beta introduced it.
- First step: disable JIT. Always compared with/without configs JIT.
- Remove all unneeded variables, no fullscreen, no vsync, only single boot drive, all expansions. As long as there is nothing left (only that is really needed) and it still crashes.
- Does same happen with normal WB3.1 boot disk
- Does it happen if you boot without startup-sequence and run setpatch manually?
- Last step: run programs in startup-sequence one by one until something happens..
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