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I notice that this topic is quite old, but I just tried Heimdall 2 myself and found the same problem. Google directed me here when searching for answers.

I use the HWA version of the game, as downloaded from hobrings site.
For they who doesnt know about HWA, it is a ready to play compilation of amiga games. You download the main hwa.exe program and installs that first, then download from a list of more than 200+ games that are compiled as .exe files ready to install. You will get a startmenu entry, and the games will autostart winuae and load the game with the pre-set config.

However, Heimdall to did start, but did not autoscroll and when playing a little (or just by selecting the female character) the graphics error apear.
The winuae.exe version provided with HWA is currently v.2.70. I did try to download the most recent winuae 2.81 and also the experimental 64bit version. Both had the same graphics errors, but even worse than on the v2.70. (it apears earlier in the game with the newest versions).
Then tried a couple of older versions I had on disk. v2.40: The errors are the same

Then I found version WinUAE 2.33, and now the errors was gone!
Scrolling and all works fine. I only played the first screens though, so I dont know if it will apear later in the game, but it looks good so far.
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