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DangerMouse - Text Adventure - Working Demo

I have been working on this game on and off for a couple of years now - it is basically based on the Choose your own adventure books from the 1980s with DM themed graphics - you can download a working demo of it from my website at

You just need to copy the folder over to your harddrive and click on the game. I played it for the first time on my Amiga 1200 last weekend and was pleasantly surprised by how it looked on the big screen.

Unfortunately, my blog is currently not able to receive comments so I would be grateful to receive feedback in terms of whether you would like me to tidy up the presentation and correct the following

  • Room locations 200 - 400 and room 0 -may have typo errors - formatting issues
  • 2 rooms have no text
  • Some pictures don't match description
  • Some of the end game routines are very basic e.g. "your adventure ends."

The game can be completed - there is a cheat / playtesting option - press 9 as your choice and you can enter a location to jump to e.g. entering A190 takes you to room 190

If there is interest in the game - I could complete amendments over xmas holiday.

This game is no longer available and will not be completed to avoid any potential copyright issues-

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