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Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
Given that most people here use WinUAE or have access to it, RAM shouldn't be a problem should it? I imagine it's next to impossible to know how much RAM would be needed until any actual work started.
But what would be the point in that? Just play the PC version!

Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
About the water..Remember Lemmings 2, when the lemming pours that white stuff creating a small mound, changing the terrain in real time..That's the closest example I can think of working proof on Amiga.. Still very simple compared to Terraria but I imagine the basic principle is the same?
I'm reminded more of Flood. It's do-able, but i'd have to think about it. And it might take a little while... seven and a half...

If anyone has any specific ideas about how to implement it, fire away. it's all very well to say it should be easy. i think it's do-able, but i don't think it would be easy.

I think we should avoid giving it a name that implies it has anything to do with Terraria, it will just create expectations. We can deal with that later, though. But the problem with doing backwards conversions of stuff from more advanced hardware is not just that it forces you to try to do everything in the original, it limits you to only doing those things, so you compensate for some inadequacy in one area by innovating elsewhere. We can only get the best out of old hardware by innovating, not by trying to force a square peg in a round hole.

I could rank the requirements in order of ease:

1. things that ought to be trivial:
a) a scrolling map-based platform game. I know i can do that because i've done it already.
b) the map modifyable by the player
c) crafting. it's just a look-up table! nothing mysterious here even with a large number of recipes
d) fractally generated landscapes. i've done this before as well.
e) randomly spawning/despawing enemies
f) stats-based combat

2. things i've got some idea how to do:
a) a scrolling map that seems far bigger than should fit in RAM (by being fractally generated on the fly)
b) the above but modifyable by the player to a limited extent. if the player modified the whole map then that would be problematic but if you only modify bits of it it should be simple.

3. things that i think are do-able but i'm not sure exactly how i'd do them:
a) dynamically flowing water/lava &c
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