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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Perhaps that's a bit too optimistic. But have you seen the peecee specs? 1.5 gigahertz
I know that's not what you're saying, but the 1.5GHz minimum spec really isn't an issue, unless you're browsing on a Cyrix 166MHz... 1.5GHz PCs are not hard to come by these days, so Terraria can use as much as it likes really - it's still going to be able to run on the vast majority of PCs.

Folks saying that the specs are silly should try doing a straight port of the C# source code to the A500 and see what the performance is like. Obviously we'll need to use a recent port of Mono, wouldn't we?

Oh, hang on a mo...

To get back on topic - yes, the whole map needs to be in RAM. Let's say that you build a structure on one side of the map and then move to the other. A roaming monster digs through your structure while you're away. If you're using some sort of HDD streaming, that's gonna get difficult...

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