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Can we just make water static? I mean let's start with most basic prototype - just plain color background, one kind of terrain to dig and one hero model to walk on surface and dig deeper if it works You can start to add more futures animals, monsters, water, different terrain type and crafting and day/night cycle. Personally I do not understood phenomena of Minecraft or Terraria, it's not a kind of game I would like to play. Why not start with porting pc games that amiga could handle better? I would love to play on amiga Commander keen, Halloween Harry, Raptor, Prehistorik 2 or Black Thorne. As far as I remember You can dig in Diggers but there is no crafting and building is restricted just to few tools. There was also extractors (diggers 2 - few more tools, more detailed maps) but developer cancel amiga port - he state that cd32 have not enough memory to keep all stuff together for single map, because all was in done in real time and what's happen on map was not restricted to single screen that player see but for whole map. I also remember that there was demo preview version of Extractors for cd32 that works fine.
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