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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
I know nothing about the game but if it was possible to use a byte or two per block I don't see anything wrong with that. It's not 1990 anymore, if a game requires 16 or 32 mb of ram that shouldn't be a problem.
or if it requires a 1.6GHz PC, that's not a problem either... i kind of feel this misses the point a little.

the Amiga is a computer from 1990, and not everyone has 16 or 32 mb of RAM in theirs. i would aim to make it run in 8mb tops. but if it could run on a stock A1200 then all the better.

i'm starting to think about how Sonic the Hedgehog stores its levels now, it uses a weird hierarchy of map blocks, the largest of which being 256x256 (pixels). so the individual level maps take hardly any space at all. With such a scheme, the equivalent of a 4200x1200 map of 8x8 blocks would only take about 10kb (assuming you use a word per block for more than 256 different block types). But then we need to think about how to handle player modification on sub-block scales.
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