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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
All B2000s prior to board rev 6.1 shipped with the OCS Agnus, so 512KB chip RAM. (There was 1MB on the motherboard, the other 512KB was slow RAM, like an A500 with A501 expansion.)
I guess I just never saw too many of those... When I worked at a dealer in the early 90's, we were told to replace any 4.x boards that came in with a 6.x if they were using an accelerator. I know the Video Toaster (at least 2.x+) only worked with 1M chip RAM (or more) and that was really the only market for the 2000 in the US. Maybe we were upgrading the Agnus on them early on, but the Toaster didn't appear until 1990, so maybe why that's why I rarely saw one.

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