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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
I was referring to leaving out most of the crafting recipes (and therefore items). Yes, a Terraria Light would make the Amiga look bad, considering that you can probably do all of the game mechanics properly. ... Stripping away such a core element leaves you with a shadow of the original. ... No need for stripping away core mechanics like crafting.
Obviously crafting is an important part of the mechanic. I wouldn't suggest leaving it out, it's just the sheer number of different items that might be problematic. Although i haven't counted them.

That's why i suggest not pretending it's Terraria in the first instance. "Terraria Light" may well be more damaging from a PR perspective than "Amigaland" or whatever else you could call it.

I'm actually thinking now about how it could be possible to create an effectively infinite map by fractally generating it as you scroll and compressing/decompressing player map changes on the fly.

EDIT: there are about 2800 different items*. that would take almost half a meg of chip ram just for the graphics (16x16, 4 bitplanes plus mask). Doable on A1200 at least.

*2829 different items, of which 882 are pc only and 39 are console only.

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