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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
(Also i think it quite strange that anyone would worry about "making the Amiga look bad" by not being able to do an exact conversion of a game from 2011 on 1987 hardware)
I was referring to leaving out most of the crafting recipes (and therefore items). Yes, a Terraria Light would make the Amiga look bad, considering that you can probably do all of the game mechanics properly. It's just not going to look and sound the same. Stripping away such a core element leaves you with a shadow of the original. Also, we're not talking about porting/converting/cloning some 3D game here (even then there are some possibilities, eg Grimrock and similar games).

Also, this game is ridiculously heavy for what it is. It requires 1.6 ghz. That's total and utter madness for something like this. An A500 may be a little on the light side, but really, an A1200 with some fastmem in the trapdoor and an HD/CF should be able to do a very good job here. No need for stripping away core mechanics like crafting.
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