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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Okay, then how do you define "a game like Terraria on the Amiga"? The thread title says "Terraria on Amiga" which implies a conversion in my opinion.
Well, you know, the same sort of game, with the same kind of rules and a similar aesthetic style. It doesn't have to be an attempt to literally copy it (which would be a copyright violation in any case). I just don't know why you would do that in this case, when you can easily just play the original. Why not just take inspiration from Terraria's game mechanics and style, and make something original that's a best fit to the Amiga's capabilities?

(Also i think it quite strange that anyone would worry about "making the Amiga look bad" by not being able to do an exact conversion of a game from 2011 on 1987 hardware)

tbh i get the impression Terraria doesn't do anything an Amiga can't do, only that it does everything on such a massive scale. Even a "small" Terraria map, for instance, is 4200x1200 blocks, which if it were 1 byte per block would take 5Mb in memory. So i kind of agree with Lordofchaos, we should start with a simpler game "of this sort", but i wouldn't even pretend that it was a conversion. Perhaps then the game engine can be expanded later and work towards a full implementation of Terraria later on but it would be better to start small and get something complete, than to start something huge for it to be in a perpetual state of incompleteness. (I know that from hard experience now.)

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