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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
as usual, i think as long as you're willing to forego an exact 1:1 conversion and focus on the bare essence of the game, many things become possible. there's often too much focus on replicating all the little details and not seeing the big picture, imho.

i've never played minecraft, either. but there's nothing mystical about a sandbox game crossed with a platformer. it's just a fancy map editor, with rules, where you get to jump about the place.
Exact a mundo.

Parallax offers nothing and wouldnt detract if it wasnt there, the main mechanica of the game is the style and mining/crafting stuff.

Also depending on which version you play determines the world size. PC and MAC are the biggest, PS3 and 360 are next followed by IOS and Android, both of which are significantly smaller than the smallest world size on PC.
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