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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Would you save the changed 'world' back to disk? I'm fairly certain that without an HDD you'd be very limited as to recreating the gameplay of Terraria on an Amiga. I think that's what Dunny means.
Not even that complicated. Each world is created with a seed, so the initial world generation is of no consequence.

Saving the world also doesnt need to be mammoth either, on PC and consoles, they just dont bother with economy because they dont have to, when saving the level, youre simply saving a map file which references where each block in the level needs to go, youre not physically saving a massive file with graphic data in it lol

And even if there was memory constraints later, you just tailor the seeding system to not produce a level over a set boundary size.

TErraria and Minecraft are not inifinite sand box games, they have a physical size limit. On Amiga, evene on a 512k chip/512k slow ram, the map file can go into slowmem.

The graphics are basic, and im still struggling to figure out how changing blocks is a really isnt.
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