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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
- Use secondary fast RAM bank for A2620/A2630 accelerator memory, works better with other Z2 boards (like A2091)
On real hardware, would the A2620/2630 RAM always be the first Zorro II RAM board, so accelerator memory would always be at $200000? Testing with an A2630 (2MB) + A2091 (2MB) config:
> showconfig
PROCESSOR:      CPU 68030/68882fpu/68030mmu
CUSTOM CHIPS:   ECS PAL Agnus (id=$0020), ECS Denise (id=$00FC)
VERS:   Kickstart version 40.63, Exec version 40.10, Disk version 40.42
RAM:    Node type $A, Attributes $605 (FAST), at $200000-$5FFFFF (4.0 meg)
        Node type $A, Attributes $703 (CHIP), at $400-$1FFFFF (~2.0 meg)
 CBM A2052/58.RAM | 590/2091.RAM:   Prod=514/10($202/$A) (@$200000 2meg Mem)
 CBM A2630 68030/RAM card:   Prod=514/81($202/$51) (@$400000 2meg Mem)
 CBM A590/A2091 HD controller:   Prod=514/3($202/$3) (@$E90000 64K)
 Board + ROM (HD?) (unidentified):   Prod=2011/82($7DB/$52) (@$EA0000 64K)
 Board (unidentified):   Prod=2011/4($7DB/$4) (@$EF0000 64K)
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