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Floppy disk

Thanks Anubis, glad you like it! Right, here goes You need FS-UAE installed for this tutorial to work.

The first part is getting the wooden shelves wallpaper. I've attached mine but here's a prepared google search and you can pick what suits best.
Click image for larger version

Name:	shelf-desktop-background-wallpaper-panda-wallpaper-free-ipad-shelves-shelf-desktop-background-pa.jpg
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The next three pieces are included in the attachment
1) The box art of the game you want to iconise and rename it to the name of your game, eg soccerkid.jpg (I recommend keeping this lowercase as you will want to type it later without needing to refer back to the file itself).
Click image for larger version

Name:	soccerkid.png
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Finally we need to create two files.

2) .fs-uae file, an independent launcher for your game that bypasses the FS-UAE desktop application and only uses it's backend.

Here's what the .fs-uae file looks like
amiga_model = CD32
fullscreen = 1
save_states_dir = /home/<yourusername>/Copy/a1200/Save States/Soccer Kid (CD32, TOSEC, M5, !)
kickstarts_dir = /home/<yourusername>/Copy/a1200/Kickstarts
cdrom_drive_0 = /home/<yourusername>/Documents/FS-UAE/CD-ROMs/Soccer Kid/Soccer Kid (1994)(Krisalis)(M5)[!]/Soccer Kid (1994)(Krisalis)(M5)[!].cue
All these options are explained on this FS-UAE page if you run into touble. But basically, you need to change the <yourusername> part to your actual username. Open a terminal and type whoami if you don't know. Also, the paths to your files may differ to mine depending on where you/FS-UAE has put them. Fix those too.

Test the .fs-uae file
To make sure we've got this part right (we're nearly done!) go to a terminal and type fs-uae /path/to/your/.fs-uae-file

The game should launch. If not, there's something wrong with the file you've created. Refer to the above link or ask here.

3) .desktop file, the nice Ubuntu iconised application launcher that you launch and will call the .fs-uae file. This needs to be placed (or be linked in) the /home/<yourusername>/.local/share/applications directory if you want the Unity Dash to pick it up. Or anywhere you like if you just want it accessible from the one place.
and here's the accompanying .desktop file
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Soccer Kid
Exec=fs-uae /home/<yourusername>/Copy/a1200/Ubuntu\ Launchers/soccer_kid.fs-uae
Icon=/home/<yourusername>/Copy/a1200/Ubuntu Launchers/soccerkid.png
When done, save and right-click the file and choose properties. Under Permissions tick the option Allow executing file as program.
Click image for larger version

Name:	desktop-file1.png
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The moment of truth
Double click this file now and it should launch the game. If your Icon entry is correct in the file you should also see the icon as a picture now. Move it to your desktop and right-click -> resize icon and fit it nicely on your desktop shelves!
Click image for larger version

Name:	Ubuntu Launcher Desktop.jpg
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PM me if you have any trouble with this and I'll either update this post to make it clearer or meet on IRC some saturday morning and walk anybody through it.
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