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Originally Posted by jimmy2x2x View Post
I'm really not sure of these disks are well known and available or not...
Looks like you found the untergrund FTP account of Paradise (a demo group), these files are all widely available and just demos and/or modules. No idea what you thought these disks contain but I can tell you that you didn't find anything special at all as otherwise these files wouldn't be so easily accessible.

Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Optimus 2 disks may be Pegasus

How about checking the disks before posting such "guesses"? These disks contain the demo "Optimus Maximus" by Paradise.

Originally Posted by Steve View Post
tk1, tk2, tk3 is Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds
Same to you! What you call Alien Breed 3D II are just disks with modules by Virgill, E-Max, 4-Mat and others.
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