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Back in 1994 when both Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny had been released a company called FormGem released two standalone packs called Mission 2: Return to Danger and Mission 3: Ultimate Challenge. Icidentally mission 1 is essentially Spear of Destiny but it was never named as such. Missions 2 and 3 continue the story fom Spear and are now called the Lost Episodes, mainly because they sold in very low numbers and their existence is not widely known. Each mission pack consists of 21 levels, new level textures, new enemies, and new appearances for old enemies.

I had both these mission packs on an old hard drive and decided to try them out on AmiSpear, although I really didn’t expect them to work. To do this I simply copied a mission pack’s data files and overwrote the ones in the AmiSpear folder. I then launched Spear and to my surprise it worked flawlessly. I dis the same for the other mission pack and it also worked. I then spent a long time playing each without any problems.

AmiWolf and AmiSpear really are excellent source ports and these two mission packs make the Wolfenstein experience even better. I salute you NovaCoder for all your brilliant work on the Amiga!

If anyone is interested in the missions I will happily put them in the Zone ready to go!

Mobygames ebtry for Mission 2: Return to Danger

Mobygames entry for Mission 3: Ultimate Challenge
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