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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
I'm not sure what a C-model A2000 is, but J302 needs to be installed when using the A2630 in a German A2000. (They were based on the A1000 chipset and there were some differences in the CPU slot signals/timing. You have to remove the 68000 CPU in order to use the card in a German A2000.)
yeah, correct ... B2000 confused me to think it is A2000 B-model.

But AFAIK, there were 3 A2000 models:

Model A, based on A1000 MB, German design ... (1st model of A2000)
Model B, based on A500 MB, US design ... (most common)
Model C, based on A500+ MB, US design. (final model of A2000)

EDIT: Regarding memory for a system with A2630 ... it was mentioned on p.11 in A2630 User Manual ... quote:
"The A2630 memory is located in the normal expansion address range and is part of the standard system limit of 8 megabytes of expansion bus memory. If your A2630 has 2MB of RAM, your system will only support an additional 6MB (for instance, a Bridgeboard and a 4MB RAM board). If the amount of expansion RAM exceeds the 8MB limit, you may experience problems with your Amiga."

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