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Hi everyone

Hi all,

Now starting to get back into some of my old Amiga stuff after sorting out the spare room!

Had an A1200 for over 20 years now after coming over from an Atari ST (which i've still got too!) and still have a lot of my bits from back then, managed to dig out 2 A1200's, IDEFix 97, 4 meg memory expansion, a Apollo 1260 and an A500, two used Competition Pro Joypads and one brand new one still boxed which i bought at World Of Amiga show many years ago, oh and about 1000 floppies to go with all the game boxes in the attic.........

I used to also have a CD32 with about 35 games along with an SX-1 which i really regret selling, so much so that i've just bought another CD32 still in it's box along with a fair few games, would love to find an SX-1 or even an SX-32 but don't know if my budget would stretch to that.

My brother after moving on from his A1200 did have an A4000T with a CSPPC 604e 060, Picasso IV and most other expansions you could grab at the time, unfortunately that was sold on a few years ago now.

Thought i'd start playing with the real thing again rather than just emulation!
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