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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
this was so called a B-model A2000 ... and your config is C-model of A2000.
on above link there is jumper settings J302 - B2000: ON - german A2000 ... so maybe it was set OFF for a C-model by default.
I'm not sure what a C-model A2000 is, but J302 needs to be installed when using the A2630 in a German A2000. (They were based on the A1000 chipset and there were some differences in the CPU slot signals/timing. You have to remove the 68000 CPU in order to use the card in a German A2000.)

Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
Yeah, I know the card only supports 4mb but, the slider for fastmem goes to 8mb. If you choose 8mb then no fastmem is showing!!. Z3 mem works OK but, did the A2000 come with any fastmem as standard? I guess I'll have to read up on the different A2000/2500 specs.
I seem to remember the ability to have a second Zorro II RAM board was added to WinUAE at some point. Maybe that's a config-file-only setting? Maybe you could use that to add another 2MB or 4MB?

According to the page, there were two RAM expansion products for the A2630, the DKB 2632 (up to 112MB) and the Access 32 (up to 32MB). While the Access 32 has an EPROM on the card, the DKB 2632 doesn't. Maybe the A2630 ROM contains code to recognise/configure the 2632 memory automatically??? [That wouldn't work in WinUAE unless there is specific support for it though.]

Edit: The DKB 2632 memory isn't added automatically. It's added by running a special program in the startup-sequence. It seems the 2632 memory can be in several non-contiguous chunks, depending on the size of SIMMs used and the board jumper settings.

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