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It has nothing to do with delimiters but with wildcards.

copy sys:~(disk).info ram:
This command will copy all icon files from your boot drive to the ram disk, except Now, if you create a file called ~(disk).info on your boot drive and try to copy solely it to the ram disk, the command will look rather complicated because you have to escape each of the characters so that they are not interpreted as wildcards:

copy "sys:'~'(disk').info" ram:
I find it rather user-friendly to restrict file names (like Windows does it) rather than to allow wildcards in file names and cause difficulties in using these names later on.

I think there even was a bug in Workbench which caused it to run amok when you try to delete for example a file called #?. (Running amok in this case means deleting all files and drawers. Rather dangerous, don't you think so?)
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