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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Did you hit Scroll lock key? Depending on keyboard config, it is used to pause screen updating.
I tried it again, and it happened again at first try ... so it is not Scroll key.

maybe it is something connected with my config!

Note: tested on same demo "Aprilfool (Intro) by Dual Crew Shining", waiting to dash appear and press F12, save, OK ... music playing and the screen is not updating.

EDIT: I tried two more times and it happened both times. (both times with runnning the emu again from the beginning)
1) start the emu winuae_2900b23.exe
2) load my config (below attached)
3) start (wait for WB hand to appear)
4) END+F1 (load the demo "Aprilfool (Intro) by Dual Crew Shining")
5) wait for dash to appear and a second more
6) F12, output/save screenshot, ok
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